A group of wubbas following the player
Monster ID 21
Layer Monster
Movement Direct beelining
First appears DROD 2.0
Is required No
Is brain visible No
For the DROD RPG monster, see Wubba (RPG).

Wubbas are strange and oddly friendly creatures. They are one type of monster that exist in the Beneath, albeit uncommonly.

Description Edit

Wubbas are very mysterious creatures. If the Rooted Empire created them, no one has taken responsibility for them. They have no discernible eating habits, though it's surmised that they eat lichen and the occasional squashed corpse by ingesting it through their porous skin. There have been reports of them eating larger creatures, but usually this requires them to be in a mushy form beforehand. 

Named after the childhood toy they resemble – a big fluffy white blob – they are more of a nuisance than anything. A wubba's mentality is to move toward a smitemaster in a direct orthogonal line. It won't eat him, or even harm him in any way, but it will follow him until evaded.

To an uncautious smitemaster, these creatures may seem harmless, but they can be the demise of many. They can block passages, trapping their prey, or a large group of them can surround prey completely, leaving it helpless.

Smitemasters must always beware wubbas lurking around thin passages. If he isn't careful, there's a chance that they could block the passage and render him without an escape. When it comes to avoiding wubbas, corners are a smitemaster's best friend. If he can cut the corner in the fewest moves possible, he can end up on the opposite site of the wall as the wubba.

Behavior Edit

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  • Unbrained wubbas use direct beelining. They always attempt to move closer to their target, completely ignoring any obstacles. If they attempt to move diagonally and this move is blocked, they do nothing.
  • Brained wubbas use limited pathfinding. They use the brain's calculated pathmap to bypass obstacles, but if the intended movement is blocked, the wubba will wait in place rather than attempt the second-best move.


  • Wubbas are invulnerable to all weapons.


  • Due to their relative invulnerability, wubbas do not have to be killed to conquer the room and drop green doors.

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