Wooden Blade
Crude yet effective
ATK 10
Behaviors Unaffected by oremites

Short Sword
No more splinters!
ATK 30
Behaviors Metal

Goblin Biter
Coated in anti-goblin poison
ATK 30
Behaviors Metal, Goblin weakness

Long Sword
An elegant weapon, for a more civilized age
ATK 70
Behaviors Metal

I bring the hook!
ATK 120
Behaviors Metal

Wyrm Smiter
Covered in anti-snake spikes
ATK 120
Behaviors Metal, Snake weakness

Really Big Sword
Favored by smitemasters the world over
ATK 220
Behaviors Metal, Blocks Aumtlich beams

Lucky Blade
More greckles in your pocket, guaranteed!
ATK 10
Behaviors Metal, Lucky

Briar Hacker
Good for those hard-to-reach weeds
ATK 10
Behaviors Metal, Briar cutter

For the weapons found in Classic DROD, see Weapon.

Weapons are items found in DROD RPG that increase the player's attack rating while equipped. All weapons grant the player first strike if he initiates combat by stabbing his opponent. Enemies wielding weapons will make a free attack against the player if he stands in front of them.

Weapons occupy the player's first equipment slot.

Game elements (RPG)
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