Really Big Sword
The classic weapon
Special power Reflects aumtlich beams when held perpendicular

A little pushy
Special power Unaffected to oremites

Almost too big to wield
Special power Blocks explosions

Really good at poking things
Special power Pierces tarstuff anywhere

The Empire's worst idea
Special power Destroys briar, reflects aumtlich beams when held parallel

Butchers double the goblins!
Special power Does not drop trapdoors

For the weapons found in DROD RPG, see Weapon (RPG).

Weapons are common tools in the Eighth used to inflict harm on other creatures or structures. Different types of weapons were introduced in DROD RPG and in The Second Sky.

Behavior Edit

All armed characters wield Really Big Swords by default. If the player is armed, he will also wield one by default, and the player will revert to carrying one if he leaves the room. However, stepping on a weapon token or setting the character's or player's weapon variable through scripting will change any armed creature's weapon.

Really Big Sword Edit

This classic weapon will deal damage upon stabbing, slicing, or swiping. The blade is so large and shiny that it can reflect aumtlich beams back at their source when held perpendicularly to one.

Staff Edit

This weapon has no sharp edges and cannot kill monsters directly. However, most monsters can be pushed around with the staff, which also stuns them for one turn. The staff can also be used to push mirrors and powder kegs around, and can touch bombs without blowing them up. The staff is not affected by oremites.

Caber Edit

The caber behaves like the staff but is much heavier. It has no sharp edges, but it's so heavy it can crush monsters if they're pushed against walls or other obstacles, including other monsters. Striking a bomb or powder keg with the caber will cause it to explode, but the caber will protect its wielder from the bomb's blast.

Spear Edit

This weapon has a sharp point, which can be used with a forward stab to kill most monsters. The shaft of a spear behaves similarly to a staff and can be used to stun monsters and push objects around. The point of the spear is so sharp that it can pierce any type of tarstuff from any direction.

Pickaxe Edit

This weapon has a flat front edge which can be used for pushing or stunning, but the edges of the pickaxe are just as deadly as any sword. The pickaxe can be used to destroy briar and permanently obliterate construct remains and rock golem boulders. The front edge is also shiny enough to reflect aumtlich beams back at their source when held parallelly to one.

Dagger Edit

This weapon can stab monsters and break mirrors like a sword, but because it is a small weapon, its wielder must turn to face the direction of attack and cannot defend against opponents with larger weapons. Wielders can block aumtlich beams if they face directly into them. Wielders cannot handle powder kegs at all, since any motion around them or into them sets them off. Wielders can move over trapdoors without dropping them.

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