There is no scooching past these guys
HP 220
ATK 370
DEF 110
GR 80
REP 80
Behaviours Faces target, Attacks when adjacent, Water-dwelling
For the Classic DROD monster, see Water skipper.

Waterskippers are aquatic monsters located in rivers and lakes both above and below ground. Though they are restricted to water, they are among the deadliest opponents an adventurer will ever face.

Description Edit

Waterskippers are carnivorous animals, occuring naturally throughout the Eighth. Recently, the Rooted Empire has engineered waterskippers to live underground, and has employed them to defend their tunnels. When the Onsuary Floods strike dungeons, the Empire uses the underground lakes to insert waterskippers.

After reaching maturity, two waterskippers will make a nest on the water, scavenging branches from nearby areas and solidifying them into rough piles with their saliva. After the nest is finished and a brief mating dance is performed, the female occupies the nest and begins to spawn offspring at a prodigious rate, three times faster than the roach queen, herself no slouch in this department. The offspring immediately begin to look for food, seeking any nearby prey. Waterskippers do not leave the water as a rule but will leap onto land to attack. Waterskippers' unwary prey can easily become overwhelmed by the sheer number of attacking beasts.

Behavior Edit

Waterskippers inhabit the rivers and swamps of the Eighth. They lie in wait, then jump out and bite their prey whenever it comes to the water's edge.

A waterskipper will make a free attack against the player if he is adjacent to one's location. This can be avoided if the player drinks an invisibility potion.

External Links Edit

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