Water 8x8
Land surrounded by water
Element ID 67
Layer Room pieces
First appears DROD 3.0
Is brain visible Yes
Water is a terrain type impassible by all terrestrial creatures, unlike its less restrictive counterpart of shallow water. For the most part, water functions identically to pits. Water made its first appearance in The City Beneath.

Description Edit

Water is naturally traversable by waterskippers, their nests, and by any creature that can fly. Rafts can also float upon water, and some trapdoors will collapse into water when walked upon.

Behavior Edit

  • Briar will grow across water as if it was land.
  • Mirrors and powder kegs can be pushed into water, in which case they sink and disappear until the player re-enters the room.
  • If a creature that can't traverse water is pushed into it, it will drown.
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