Wall (RPG)
Walls are just like floors but higher
Element ID 9
Layer Room pieces

Wall (Hard)
WallHardFiller (RPG)
My texture is less fancy
Element ID 66
Layer Room pieces

For the Classic DROD element, see Wall.
For wall types that can be broken, see Crumbly wall (RPG).

Like its real world counterpart, walls are obstacles that prevent movement. However, armed characters can swing their weapons through walls. There also exist hard walls, which are functionally identical to normal walls but do not feature a mosaic pattern away from the wall's edges.

Behavior Edit

They may come in all colors and shapes, but walls will inevitably block the movement of any creature that tries to walk through them. The only exception is the seep, whose sole domain are walls and doors.

Interactions Edit

See the interactions page for a list of all interactions for this element.
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