The map of Tueno

Tueno is a northern continent of the Eighth, inhabited by one of the Aboveground civilizations.

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Everyone likes the Tuenans. They have the best food, the best music, the best parties, and they never seem to let it go to their heads. If someone was planning a vacation, and could manage the expense and risk of spending five to fifty months at sea, then by all means, he should go to Tueno!

The Tuenan military is perhaps the greatest in all the Aboveground world. The Stalwart Army boasts trained and armed soldiers with an indomitable will. Nevertheless, the stalwarts were no match for the Rooted Empire's superior technology and tactics.

History Edit

Many centuries ago, Tueno was overrun with Zealot's Plague, a disease which creates a state of bliss in those who carry it. Though the disease's native continent of Akandia provides enough resources for its native people, no other land enjoys this luxury, thus its spread beyond Akandia would provide disastrous to the newly afflicted.

After a hundred years of bloodshed initiated by the uninfected, every one of the zealots on the continent was finally killed. Fearing more would arrive from Akandia, Tueno then contracted with Glorthorred engineers to build the Plague Wall, which spans the nearly two-thousand miles of the north Tuenan coast. Occasionally, a raft comes floating over the Epharus Ocean carrying a friendly Akandian who seeks to "spread the bliss". The Tuenan response is invariably a volley of arrows sent down from the wall.

Tensions between Tueno and its neighbor Rasarus had been high since the countries were founded, but in approximately 50 B.D., King Rarsus of Rasarus was assassinated by a Tuenan agent, leading to an all-out war between the two nations. Gunthro Budkin eventually dealt with the Tuenan agent, but the war as a whole was abruptly stopped when the Rooted Empire attacked both sides with an army of rock golems as part of its preliminary plan.

A century later, when Mayor Drokkendut of Estengard was warned by Beethro Budkin of an impending Imperial invasion, the Stalwart Army mobilized for an attack against Lowest Point. Their force was routed in a nearby cavern by a horde of aumtlich, and the remaining stalwarts were scattered, including Tendry Dimpalm. Meanwhile, the Archivists and the Patrons launched a joint invasion of Tueno to decimate its military force and abduct its entire population into underground tunnels. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Tendry, the Empire's invasion was eventually thwarted and the Tuenan citizenry had begun being liberated.

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