Mud mother
Mud mother (RPG)
A mud mother peering aggressively outward
HP 50
ATK 48
DEF 22
GR 12
REP 12
Behaviours Immune to hot tiles

Tar mother
Tar mother (RPG)
A tar mother peering gravely outward
HP 100
ATK 180
DEF 110
GR 100
REP 100
Behaviours Immune to hot tiles

Gel mother
Gel mother (RPG)
A gel mother peering ominously outward
HP 180
ATK 460
DEF 360
GR 200
REP 200
Behaviours Immune to hot tiles

For the Classic DROD monster, see Tarstuff mother.

Tarstuff mothers are powerful monsters that reside at the heart of tarstuff blobs. They have relativity little vitality, but their great strength and defense more than offsets this weakness. There are three varieties: mud mothers, tar mothers, and gel mothers.

Description Edit

Tarstuff is one of the most intimidating sights seen in the Beneath. It's not just because it has a very thick outer skin, held together by a very strong form of surface tension (indeed, unless it's stabbed in its most vulnerable spot, it won't even break apart). Not just because it can grow up and over walls, covering them completely in goop. Not just because it often forms rubbery, stable globules that block vital passageways and can't be broken even by the strongest thrust. Not even just because it can split into completely separate, sentient, savage entities called tarstuff babies when there isn't enough surface tension left to hold solid chunks of tarstuff together. It's because everything tarstuff does, even when it only looks like a slightly transparent glob that just visibly pulses like an infernal blood vein, seems to be infused with malice.

What's worse, sometimes tarstuff mothers, which only ever appear as pairs of bulging eyes glaring out of their lairs, will reside deep within the tarstuff. Tarstuff mothers makes ploughing through tarstuff even more difficult, as they will try to fend off trespassers every step of the way. Mud mothers are common foes of aspiring adventurers, but tar mothers are capable of challenging hardened veterans. Gel mothers are the most fearsome of the bunch, able to push even the most experienced heroes to their limit.

Behavior Edit

When a tarstuff mother is present in a blob of tarstuff, the player must fight her every time he breaks apart the tarstuff. Only when the player attacks her directly can she be killed off permanently.

Tarstuff mothers are much more vulnerable than the tarstuff they inhabit. When a mother is killed, the tarstuff she was covering is automatically destroyed, even if it wasn't a vulnerable spot.

Like their offspring, tarstuff mothers are immune to hot tiles.

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