Mud baby
Mud baby (RPG)
Sticky maliciousness
HP 130
ATK 60
GR 8
Behaviours Faces target, unaffected by hot tiles

Tar baby
Tar baby (RPG)
Stickier maliciousness
HP 340
ATK 140
DEF 20
GR 30
REP 30
Behaviours Faces target, unaffected by hot tiles

Gel baby
Gel baby (RPG)
The stickiest maliciousness
HP 360
ATK 310
DEF 20
GR 40
REP 40
Behaviours Faces target, unaffected by hot tiles

For the Classic DROD monster, see Tarstuff baby.

Tarstuff babies are the monsters associated with tarstuff but, unlike tarstuff mothers, can exist independently. Tarstuff babies are renowned for their abundant vitality but low defense. There are three varieties: the weak but common mud babies, the much stronger tar babies, and the tough-as-nails gel babies.

Description Edit

When tarstuff splits into completely separate, sentient, savage entities, the resulting creatures can be one of the most intimidating sights within a dungeon. Infused with malice, their lethality is only rivaled by their stickiness.

Behavior Edit

Tarstuff babies can be placed on their own or can form if a chunk of tarstuff is cut into an unstable configuration.

Tarstuff babies standing on hot tiles suffer no damage.

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