Swordsman (RPG)
Don't try to get chummy with them
HP 100
ATK 680
DEF 50
GR 55
REP 55
Behaviours Sworded
For the Classic DROD monster, see Clone.

Swordsmen are mercenaries hired by the Rooted Empire to guard important vantage points. Wielding a Really Big Sword, swordsmen are capable of dishing out extreme amounts of damage. Adventurers lacking a strong offense should stay away from these mighty warriors.

Description Edit

Swordsmen bear a strong resemblance to Beethro Budkin, as noticed by Tendry Dimpalm. Swordsmen are most likely hired smitemasters, so the weapon and build would be similar, but why they resemble Beethro so closely remains unknown.

Behavior Edit

Like all sworded opponents, the swordsman's weapon gives him a free attack against any adventurer who tries to walk in front of him, even if the adventurer is standing on a closed door.

When standing on oremites, swordsmen lose their sword and thus their ability to get first strike against the player.

Game elements (RPG)
Room pieces layer FloorWallBroken wallStairsPitDoorsTrapdoorTunnelPlatformOremitesHot tilePressure plateBridge
Floor controls layer Ortho squareForce arrow
Items layer TarstuffObstacleScrollOrbBriarBombFuseTokenWeaponArmorAccessoryPower gemsLevel mapKeyHealth potionLight poleMirror
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