Sun Island sits at the tip, or depending how you look at it, at the center of the Eighth. It is a cracked, volcano-shaped island: its crater houses a lake, from which the Sun of the Eighth emerges in the mornings and sinks again in the evenings, heralded by a brief cloud of steam.

Despite the volcano shape and abundance of lava in the island, there is no seismic activity as we understand it: the heat of the Sun is responsible for melting the stone and cracking the earth.

Fegundos migrate here during breeding season, making use of the strange topology of the Tip to scatter their children to the southern edge.

Beneath Sun Island lie some of the deepest mysteries of the Eighth. Past a network of scorching lava tubes and security systems placed untold ages ago by the Rooted Empire, there are rumors of a place called Nethlekempt Farrows, dwelling of the mythical Ironk.

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