These are the standards for naming uploaded image files. Please follow these guidelines step by step to come up with a valid name for the file:

Naming files Edit

  • If your image is supposed to present a single element, start the file name with the name of the element using CamelCase: HotTile, RoachQueen, 1stArchivist. Stick to the names as found in the editor or in the official holds
    • If the image is 22x22 it's a small icon:
      • If the element supports orientation, add the orientation after underscore using the short notation (N, SE): EvilEye_N, Roach_SW, Brain, Goblin_W
    • If the image is bigger than 22x22 it's a big icon:
      • Try to keep it's size to 5x5 or less
      • If it contains background/ambience, include the image's size in tiles after underscore using a format WWxHH: Pit_4x4, Goblin_7x7
      • If the room style used is important, include it after underscore, inside parentheses: Wall_4x4_(Caldera), Pit_5x3_(Swamp)
    • If the element is from DROD RPG, add _(RPG) at the end of the file name: Wall_3x3_(DeepSpaces)_(RPG), Roach_SW_(RPG)
  • If your image is an artwork, use a descriptive name using CamelCase, but try to keep it below 40 characters: RoachEatsAdventurer, BeethroAndHalphOnAdvneture
  • If your image is a screenshot, use a descripting name and end it with _Screen and _(<ENGINE VERSION>), eg: BeethroAttackedByRoaches_Screen_(TSS), TitleScreen_Screen_(Webfoot), KDDLevel4_3N2W_Screen_(AE)
  • For anything else, or if in doubt, try to come up with a descriptive name. The media can always be renamed by an administrator!

File extension Edit

  • For images smaller than 440x440 (10x10 tiles), which are part of the game always use PNG (for best quality)
  • For full screenshots of the game, if the PNG image is too large (>300kb) consider using JPG format, with quality somewhere between 80-100%.
  • For other things, if the image is going to be embedded in full size into a page, use PNG or JPG, in that order, making sure to keep it below 300kb
  • 300kb is a number I (skell) just came up with. The most important thing is to keep the quality of the images high and the file size reasonable. When in doubt use common sense!