Stairs down
Stairsdown (RPG)
What lies beneath?
Element ID 3
Layer Room pieces

Stairs up
Stairsup (RPG)
Returning to the surface
Element ID 61
Layer Room pieces

For the Classic DROD element, see Stairs.

Stairs connect areas of dungeons or other regions together. Most levels are completed by finding stairs leading to the next.


When the player steps onto a tile of stair, he is taken to the level entrance specified by the hold's architect, or to the end of the hold.


  • The majority of elements cannot be placed on stair tiles, with the exception of orthosquares, lighting effects, fusesobstacles, and tarstuff. These elements do not act as obstacles if the player walks down that staircase.
  • The majority of elements cannot be placed on stair tiles, with the exception of tarstuff mothers.
  • Briar and briar roots cannot be placed on stair tiles, but will grow onto them and render them unusable.
  • The player cannot use the grappling hook accessory to vault onto stairs. However, the player may teleport onto stairs with the wall walking and warp token accessories
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