For the DROD RPG monster, see Spider (RPG).
A spider searching for prey
Monster ID 12
Layer Monsters
Movement Normal beelining
First appears Webfoot DROD
Is required Yes
Is brain visible No
Spiders are an uncommon monster encountered in relatively few dungeons. Their most prevalent feature is their invisibility.

Description Edit

If anything could be said to be the evidence of a malevolent mind at work in the dungeons, it would be spiders. Spiders appeared twenty or so years ago, almost out of nowhere (figuratively and in actuality). Spiders are, suprisingly, not a creation of the Empire. Instead, they evolved on their own, developing a camoflage system to survive in the deep tunnels beneath the Eighth's surface.

They were originally not be the traditional dark colors of the smaller, aboveground spiders, but instead a strange shade of blue that exactly matched the colors of a popular style of floor tiling. This rendered spiders almost invisible on that kind of flooring, which led to many complaints by smitemasters, excavators, and building crews. Dungeon owners too were a little concerned that they might be killed without warning while touring their dungeon. In time, the Architect's Association officially recalled the particular room style. That would have been the end for the spiders. They're none too bright and on every other type of floor, they could have been spotted a mile off, if it hadn't been observed that spiders have, somehow, recently learned to change their skin color at will. It is believed that this is no mere mutation.

Spiders are very uncommon in Empire-controlled dungeons, since spiders are not under the Empire's control. While they will happily eat an Imperial citizen, they would rather eat an abovegrounder when given the choice.

Behavior Edit

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  • Spiders are invisible unless they move or the player is within two tiles of their location. They are also one of the few creatures that can traverse shallow water.

Trivia Edit

Prior to Journey to Rooted Hold, spiders were a single color that could only blend in on the Palace room style. Palace was removed from the list of rooms styles in Journey to Rooted Hold and spiders were modified to remain invisible.

According to the developer of Webfoot DROD where spiders were first introduced, he put them in the game to add variety to the list of monsters.[1] Also, because spiders were a recolor of Tar Babies, it was impossible to have both a tar baby and a spider in the same room.[2]

External Links Edit

  1. Erik Hermansen on adding spiders
  2. Erik Hermansen on spiders and tar babies
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