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Welcome to the Smitemastery Guild section of the wiki. This article is written from in-universe perspective.

"Flaming Fegundo, another rookie? Look, don't bother me too much, alright? Just go ahead and visit the Basic Training section if it's your first time here."

"Once you're a little bit more up to speed with how to wield a sword check out the Monster Factory, the guys there should be able to answer all questions you might ever have about what is lurking beneath the surface of the land."

"Some of us fancy different weapons, so if you're one of them go to the Weapon Storage, but don't forget the Tarstuff Tunnels as it's very important to understand the basics."

"Now you may notice these three exits at the end of this hall. They're Item Facility (items and transparent layer), Solid Gym (floor and wall layers) and Smitemastery/Special Bunker (special tokens, elements and scripts). "

"That's all I had to say to you, now begone!"

Smitemastery/Solid GymSmitemastery/Solid GymSmitemastery/Item FacilitySmitemastery/Item FacilitySmitemastery/Special BunkerSmitemastery/Special BunkerSmitemastery/Weapon StorageSmitemastery/Weapon StorageSmitemastery/Monster FactorySmitemastery/Basic TrainingSmitemastery/Tarstuff TunnelsSmitemastery/Tarstuff TunnelsSmitemastery/Main HallSmitemastery TrainingHall
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