Slayer (RPG)
I bring the hook!
HP 4500
ATK 560
DEF 310
GR 1000
REP 1000
Behaviours Attack adjacent, attack first, sworded
For the Classic DROD monster, see Slayer.

Slayers are the Rooted Empire's elite assassins. Crossing one of these is probably the last thing an adventurer will ever do, unless he is thoroughly prepared. Slayers have extraordinary vitality, strength, and armor. They lack any weakness.

Behavior Edit

Like all sworded opponents, the slayer's weapon gives him a free attack against any adventurer who tries to walk in front of him, even if the adventurer is standing on a closed door. However, slayers always turn to face the player when he is within one tile, so walking in front of a slayer in any direction is a bad idea. To make matters worse, slayers always strike first in combat, no matter what.

If the player is standing more than one tile from a slayer, he will face the direction opposite the player. His hook will trigger any orbs and bombs it touches.

Even when standing on oremites, slayers do not lose their ability to strike first. However, they do lose their hook and thus cannot get free attacks against the player.

Game elements (RPG)
Room pieces layer FloorWallBroken wallStairsPitDoorsTrapdoorTunnelPlatformOremitesHot tilePressure plateBridge
Floor controls layer Ortho squareForce arrow
Items layer TarstuffObstacleScrollOrbBriarBombFuseTokenWeaponArmorAccessoryPower gemsLevel mapKeyHealth potionLight poleMirror
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