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Slayers are the elite assassination force of the Rooted Empire. Their myriad defensive maneuvers and tracking abilities ensure their martial superiority over all other creatures.

Description Edit

Slayers are born and bred to kill. Even before a slayer takes his first steps out of his Holding Vat, his mind is filled with thoughts of inflicting pain and death on others. Upon emerging in the waking world, he is given his hook, the slayers' weapon of choice.

Along with his large and very dangerous blade, a slayer's body is also covered in sharpened bony extrusions which allow him to kill most creatures with his body. This exoskeleton likely offers him a modicum of additional protection, although modern weapons can cut through a slayer's bones with no difficulty, and he is still subject to the same physical vulnerabilities as most other beings.

Perhaps the most distinctive feature of the slayers is their use of the wisp, a ghostly tracking system that follows their targets' footsteps. By travelling along the path of the wisp, a slayer can follow his prey no matter where he flees to. Even when the wisp is blocked off, the slayer can still pursue the target and will open doors as necessary.

All slayers display similar characteristics, although each appears to have his own facial features and hair style, and presumably other distinctions such as different heights and girths. Whether each slayer is unique or all slayers are simply variants of a single genetic template is unknown.

With these copious attributes, facing a slayer without the utmost preparation is probably the last thing a delver will ever do.

Organization Edit

As members of the Rooted Empire, each slayer is given a position upon birth. The first fifty slayers were created all at once and thus had no merit over each other, but future slayers were to prove themselves before formally joining the ranks. As a result, 71st Slayer is likely more skilled than 72nd Slayer and so on. As Beethro Budkin learned by jumping from 256th Slayer to 1st Slayer, an aspiring and intelligent slayer can rise through the ranks quite easily.

Slayers formed a sort of brutal society shortly after their creation. A slayer's social status was determined by his most recent kill. Given the egotistical nature of slayers, a slayer killing one of his own was considered the highest form of skill. This was especially so after an incident between 26th and 40th Slayer which resulted in future slayers being programmed to be unable to harm each other. This lingering egotism was what granted Beethro so much respect after killing all the other slayers.

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