Shallow water
ShallowWater 4x4
Some creatures call these "swimming pools"
Element ID 86
Layer Room pieces
First appears DROD 4.0
Is brain visible Yes

Shallow water is a terrain type traversable by some terrestrial beings, unlike water. Shallow water made its first appearance in Gunthro and the Epic Blunder.

Description Edit

Shallow water, unlike regular water, is shallow enough for many creatures to wade in or safely swim through. Thin ice can appear on its surface. However, it is too shallow to support bridges, trapdoors, or rafts.

Behavior Edit

Most monsters cannot enter shallow water at all, with the exception of spiders, rock golems, brains, rock giants, constructs, gel babies, giant wyrms, and waterskippers. Meanwhile, all humans can enter shallow water except Young Halph and stalwarts.

Those who can enter shallow water will either wade or hide. Creatures who wade will treat shallow water as if it was regular land and retain their sword if they carry one. Creatures who hide will sheathe their sword. If the player hides in shallow water, he will also become invisible (as if he had taken an Invisibility Potion) until he emerges. The player is the only entity who can become invisible.

Interactions Edit

See the interactions page for a list of all interactions for this element.
SteppingStoneBridge 7x6

A bridge made of stepping stones

  • When mirrors, powder kegs or construct rubble are pushed into shallow water or when a rock golem or a construct is killed while wading, a stepping stone forms.
  • Thin ice can appear if a puff is destroyed over a tile of shallow water. This thin ice will melt into shallow water.
  • While in shallow water, the player can safely pass under aumtlich beams without being stunned if the aumtlich can't see him. This is only true for player roles that hide in shallow water.

Scripting Edit

Shallow water is directly affected by one script command: Set shallow water traversal

Trivia Edit

When a human enters shallow water, his or her character graphic will appear to be legless.
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