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For the DROD RPG monster, see Seep (RPG).
Image of Seep
Monster ID 22
Layer Monster
Movement Smart beelining
First appears DROD 2.0
Is required Yes
Is brain visible No

Seep (plural: seep) are monsters found in the occasional dungeon. Created by the Rooted Empire, their ability to traverse walls makes them an especially insidious opponent.

Description Edit

To call these creatures "simple vapors living inside of walls" makes them seem less deadly then they actually are. Although the Empire has just recently been successful in developing a prototype and are only testing them in selective dungeons, they have already created panic and fright inside of the Guild's halls. Before their existence became known, a smitemaster could always feel a bit safer when his back was against a wall. Now, smitemasters must watch out for their presence, lest they become a victim to the poisonous gas they are.

If a seep ends its turn on any tile other than a wall or gate it will die. That means that pushing a seep off of a wall or opening a gate that a seep is on can be an effective way to kill it. Seep can also be removed by a strike from any weapon. Although the creature's contents are complicated, their movement patterns are easily predictable. The only problem is getting them to the edge of a wall or a door: so, like any other dungeon creature, smitemasters must be careful where they lead seep.

Behavior Edit

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Seep can only move themselves through walls and closed doors. They can jump out of walls but only if their move is to kill the player, or a stalwart or soldier. Jumping out of their natural abode will kill the seep immediately after it kills its prey unless it returns to a wall or door by the end of the turn. Seep are attracted to decoys, but will not attack them. Uniquely, seep can kill a target even if he is standing on a potion.


  • Seep move identically to roaches, except when the path one wishes to take is blocked diagonally. In this case, rather than always prioritizing a vertical path over a horizontal path, a seep will pick the path with the longest orthogonal distance to the player. For example, a seep will move west if the player is five squares west and four north, but will move north if the player is four squares west and five north. If these paths are the same distance, then the seep will use vertical preference.
  • When under the influence of a brain, seep use the same algorithm for picking a tile to move into as roaches, with no orthogonal peculiarity. If blocked by a brain-invisible object, seep use their natural unbrained behavior. Brained seep path-mapping is however complicated by the fact that the path mapping algorithm takes floor spaces and other spaces the seep will not normally move onto into account in a non intuitive way.

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