The room style of a room dictates the overall appearance of the room, essentially acting as a skin for each room. Changing the room style only changes the room superficially - appearance and music.

Room styles have been a part of DROD since the original Webfoot DROD version. Each room style has different graphics for each general tile - walls, all types of floor, arrows, obstacles, water (and shallow water), pit, bridge and tunnels. Each style also has individual music as of DROD 5, and although this was also the case in 2.0, some styles had the same music as one another in DROD 3 and 4.

Implementation in Different Games Edit

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DROD 2.0 Edit

In the engine of King Dugan's Dungeon and Journey to Rooted Hold, there were just 3 room styles, Deep Spaces, Foundation and Iceworks. These styles have remained in DROD 3, 4 and 5, although in the most recent release, all three were graphically updated to various extents.