Rock giant
Rock giant (RPG)
HP 800
ATK 500
DEF 100
GR 500
REP 500
Behaviours Faces target
For the Classic DROD monster, see Rock giant.

Rock giants are titanic monsters engineered by the Rooted Empire as guardians and engineers. They are among the most powerful foes an adventurer will ever face.

Description Edit

Back in the days when the Empire was just beginning to figure out mineral based life, several thousand experiments were carried out. Of course, not all of these were successful, but they did lead to the creation of rock golems. This lead to thousands and thousands more experiments trying to solve the problem of golem intelligence.

But what happened to the rejects? Uncounted rock creatures were stored underground, tightly packed together. Combine this with the rock golem's ability to very slowly rebuild itself over time, and it was perhaps inevitable that the remains of these creatures did not always remain... entirely separate when reconstructing. And once bound together, the Rock Giants were not eager to fall apart again.

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts, and these titanic creatures display far greater intelligence than their golem components (though four times a golem brain is still dumb). They understand simple commands and can carry them out reasonably well, so rather than being used as brute force defenders, rock giants are used as heavy lifters, miners and construction engineers.

Though unable to fit through the smaller passages, they are formidable in combat. It's not like the Empire was going to use them for espionage and assassination missions anyway, so this was considered an acceptable trade-off.

Behavior Edit

Unlike in classic DROD, a defeated rock giant dies completely, and does not produce rock golems.

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