Roach egg
Roach egg (RPG)
Valiantly defending its mother
HP 1
DEF 23
GR 0
Behaviours none
For the Classic DROD monster, see Roach egg.

Roach eggs are pseudo-monsters spawned by roach queens whenever they feel threatened. They cannot fight back, so the only way they can protect their mother is with their relatively great defense. However, as soon as an adventurer has enough strength, he can chop through roach eggs with ease.

Behavior Edit

Whenever a monster is killed by the player, all roach queens in the room will produce one roach egg in the adjacent tile closest to the player. Roach eggs cannot be laid on trapdoors, force arrows, or any tile a roach queen couldn't stand on. Since roach eggs weigh down pressure plates, roach queens may be encountered in an adventurer long after they become trivial to defeat, or might be imperative to defeat before anything else in order to prevent them from spawning any Roach eggs.

Unlike in classic DROD, roach eggs never develop into roaches, no matter how many turns or battles take place.

Game elements (RPG)
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