Roach (RPG)
The first enemy
HP 45
ATK 20
GR 2
Behaviours Faces target
For the Classic DROD monster, see Roach.

Roaches are typically the first monster encountered while adventuring, and are the second-weakest before brains. They have no outstanding behaviors.


The five-foot dungeon roach is a common sight in infestations all over the world. They can survive all sorts of adverse conditions - extreme heat and cold, low oxygen, even weak acid. Roaches don't like bright light, but they will survive in bright light if necessary. Although they can stand extreme heat, their carapaces cannot withstand explosions, and they cannot survive in those areas of the Beneath that are hot enough to burn even the air.

On the Eighth, they are traditionally used as a source of meat, which, when the internal organs are removed and the meat cooked thoroughly, surprisingly turns out to be pretty good. Smitemasters often have a clause in their contracts which state they retain ownership of any roaches they slay for this reason - it makes a good supplement to the seasonal smitemastering trade.

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