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Game elements are the set of all objects and creatures that the player interacts with. All elements are predictable and deterministic.

Organization Edit

Game elements are broadly grouped into four main categories or "layers": room pieces, floor controls, items, and monsters. Elements from one layer can generally be placed on a tile alongside elements from another layer, but two elements from the same layer generally cannot exist on the same tile. For example, a space might contain a hot tile, an orthosquare, a speed potion, and a roach all at the same time, while a space containing a wall and water, or an evil eye and a goblin, would be impossible.

These rules are not exact:

  1. The Level Entrance unit exists in the floor controls layer, but otherwise acts as if it was a part of the monsters layer.
  2. Lighting effects (wall lights, ceiling lights, and ceiling darkness) can stack with all elements except each other.
  3. During gameplay mirrors can be placed on top of weapons, shields, accessories, keys, level maps, scrolls and fuses.

List of game elementsEdit

Room piecesEdit

Picture Element Description IDs
Floor 1
Wall (RPG) Wall Blocks the movement of many creatures 4
WallHardFiller (RPG) Wall (hard filler) Alternative variant of the wall 66
BrokenWall (RPG) Broken wall Like the wall, but can be destroyed with a weapon or explosion 5
SecretWall (RPG) Secret wall Harder to see variant of the broken wall 62
StairsDown (RPG) Stairs Used to travel to another Level Entrance

3 (down)

61 (up)

YellowDoor (RPG) Yellow door Can be toggled by an orb, pressure plate or by using a yellow key

9 (closed)

10 (open)

GreenDoor (RPG) Green door Can be toggled by an orb, pressure plate or by using a green key

7 (closed)

68 (open)

BlueDoor (RPG) Blue door Can be toggled by an orb, pressure plate or by using a blue key

6 (closed)

69 (open)

TrapdoorGate (RPG) Trapdoor gate Can be toggled by an orb, pressure plate or by dropping all the trapdoors in the room

8 (closed)

70 (open)

TarGate (RPG) Tar gate Can be toggled by an orb, pressure plate or by clearing all the tarstuff in the room

37 (closed)

71 (open)

GreckleGate 3x3 (RPG) Greckle gate Can be toggled by an orb, pressure plate or by spending greckles

59 (closed)

88 (open)

PressurePlate (RPG) Pressure plate Activates when depressed or released, can open, close or toggle doors 78
Oremites (RPG) Oremites Prevents swordsmen from holding metal weapons while standing on them 73
HotTile (RPG) Hot tile Damages non-flying creatures who walk over it 75
TrapdoorOverPit (RPG) Trapdoor (over pit) Drops into pit when they player walks over it 11
TrapdoorOverWater (RPG) Trapdoor (over water) Drops into water when they player walks over it 72
Pit (RPG) Pit Blocks movement of non-flying creatures 2
Water (RPG) Water Blocks movement of non-flying and non-swimming creatures 67
PlatformOnWater (RPG) Platform (on water) Lets the player navigate water, but watch the corners! 52
PlatformOverPit (RPG) Platform (over pit) Lets the player navigate pit, but watch the corners! 53
Bridge (RPG) Bridge Drops into pit or water if all the trapdoors connected to it are dropped, dragging everything down with it

79 (center)

80 (horizontal)

81 (vertical)

Tunnel 3x3 (RPG) Tunnel Lets the player zip around the room to the next tunnel in line

47 (north)

48 (south)

63 (east)

64 (west)

Floor controlsEdit

Picture Element Description IDs
ForceArrow 3x3 (RPG) Force arrow Prevents motion against the direction of the arrow 13-20
OrthoSquare (RPG) Ortho square Prevents diagonal movement 45


Picture Element Description IDs
Really Big Sword (RPG)
Weapon Pick these up to boost your ATK, and some have special powers 87
Oremite Shield (RPG)
Shield Pick these up to boost your DEF, and some have special powers 89
Grappling Hook 3x3 (RPG)
Accessory Pick these up to give you a new ability 91
ShieldGem 3x3 (RPG) Shield gem Increase DEF by one point (times the item multiplier) 51
PowerGem 3x3 (RPG) Power gem Increase ATK by one point (times the item multiplier) 50
LevelMap 3x3 (RPG) Level map Shows the outline of every nonsecret room in the level 77
YellowKey 3x3 (RPG) Key Opens a door with the matching color. Skeleton keys open all doors 86
SmallHealth 3x3 (RPG) Small health Increases HP by fifteen points (times the item multiplier) 90
MediumHealth 3x3 (RPG) Medium health Increases HP by fifty points (times the item multiplier) 21
LargeHealth 3x3 (RPG) Large health Increases HP by two-hundred points (times the item multiplier) 22
Scroll 3x3 (RPG) Scroll Contains information that may or may not be useful 23
Bomb 3x3 (RPG) Bomb When touched by a weapon or lit-fuse, KABOOM 43
Fuse 3x3 (RPG) Fuse Step on an endpoint to light the fuse, burning through one tile at a time 44
Briar 3x3 (RPG) Briar If connected to a briar root, briar will expand outward a tile at the end of combat, destroying many things 39-41
Mirror 3x3 (RPG) Mirror Can be moved around with a sword or body, used to weigh down pressure plates or block an aumtlich's gaze 49
Orb 3x3 (RPG) Orb Opens or closes any doors it's linked to when hit 24
Tokens 3x3 (RPG) Token Tokens change some aspect of the room when stepped on 46
Light 3x3 (RPG) Light A decorative lamppost which emits light 74
Obstacle Obstacles decorate the room and block anyone trying to move through them 12
Tar (RPG) Tar Can only be cut on the flat sides. If a tar blob forms less than two tiles wide in either dimension, tar babies form 35
Mud (RPG) Mud Can only be cut on the corners. If a mud blob forms less than two tiles wide in either dimension, mud babies form 60
Gel (RPG) Gel Can only be cut on the inside corners. If a gel blob forms less than two tiles wide in either dimension, gel babies form 76