Powder keg
PowderKeg 4x4
Half the explosion, twice the fun!
Element ID 92
Layer Items
First appears DROD 5.0
Is brain visible Yes
Powder kegs are mobile explosive devices. When sliced with a weapon or lit by a fuse, a powder keg will explode in a three-tile-wide square around it, killing and destroying almost everything in range. Powder kegs were introduced in The Second Sky.

Description Edit

Powder kegs were developed after the invention of the pickaxe, but long before Beethro's adventure began. They were stored in an Imperial warehouse when not in use.

According to 1st Excavator, designing explosives that blew up in perfect squares was a feat that took a lifetime to achieve, but their utility was not taken seriously by the Rooted Empire.[1]

Behavior Edit

When a lit fuse reaches a powder keg, the powder keg is struck by a sharp edge, or the powder keg rests on a hot tile for more than one turn, it explodes in a one-tile radius around the powder keg, producing an explosion. Powder kegs hit by explosions from any source will explode immediately.

Unlike bombs, powder kegs are mobile in the same way as Mirrors, and can be pushed by the dull edges of weapons, the player, Mimics, Decoys, and Constructs.

Interactions Edit

See the interactions page for a list of all interactions for this element.
  • Powder keg explosions light fuses.
  • Briar destroys powder kegs without blowing them up.
  • Powder kegs depress pressure plates.
  • Orbs (all types) and seeding beacons block powder keg explosions, but are activated if hit by them.
  • The caber blocks powder keg explosions.
  • Powder kegs explode when struck by the sharp edges of weapons, or by floor spikes.

External links Edit

  1. Level description from: The Second Sky: Explosives Storage
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