Pirate (RPG)
Other Rasarus citizens aren't much nicer
HP 180
ATK 430
DEF 210
GR 120
REP 120
Behaviours Sworded
For the Classic DROD monster, see Stalwart.

Pirates are vicious mercenaries from Rasarus. Thanks to their harsh upbringing, they are mighty opponents indeed.


It wouldn't be fair to say that every person on the snow-covered continent of Rasarus is a bloodthirsty cutthroat. No, of course not; many Rasaruns are merely opportunistic cheats. If you sail into the Brentish Sealet with goods to trade Rasarun port authorities will pull out an abacus figure out if it will be most beneficial to trade with you, to board and murder your crew, or to sink your ship from afar and salvage goods from the watery wreckage.

When this lot is actually trying to pick a fight, however, things can get a lot worse. In 149 B.D., the Patrons hired pirates of Rasarus to help them abduct Tuenan citizens into the Beneath. However, the stalwart Tendry Dimpalm thwarted their efforts by killing the Pirate captain and liberating Tueno.


Like all sworded opponents, the pirate's weapon gives him a free attack against any adventurer who tries to walk in front of him, even if the adventurer is standing on a closed door.

When standing on oremites, pirates lose their sword and thus their ability to get first strike against the player.

Game elements (RPG)
Room pieces layer FloorWallBroken wallStairsPitDoorsTrapdoorTunnelPlatformOremitesHot tilePressure plateBridge
Floor controls layer Ortho squareForce arrow
Items layer TarstuffObstacleScrollOrbBriarBombFuseTokenWeaponArmorAccessoryPower gemsLevel mapKeyHealth potionLight poleMirror
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