Oremites (RPG)
No first strike for you!
Element ID 73
Layer Room pieces
For the Classic DROD element, see Oremites.

Oremites are small creatures that feed voraciously on metal. They are not dangerous by themselves, but armed units must keep their weapons sheathed when walking around in an area covered in them.

Behavior Edit

Any armed creature standing on oremites must sheathe his sword, unless he is wielding equipment that lacks the Metal behavior. While sheathed, equipment does nothing and provides no benefit.

If the player loses his sword, he cannot attack first in combat. He also loses the sword's attack bonus as well as any additional effects it may confer, such as doubling greckle drops. If the player loses his shield, he loses its defense bonus as well as any additional effects it may confer. Accessories with the Metal behavior are also disabled while on oremites.

If an armed NPC loses his sword, however, he does not lose any attack power and will still attack first in combat if the player bumps into him. This is because enemy attributes are built into enemies directly instead of applied through their weapon. NPCs do not equip shields or accessories, so oremites do not affect enemies in that way.

NPCs with the Metal behavior will lose 5% of their hit points per turn as if they were standing on hot tiles. Currently, there are no baseline enemies with this behavior.

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