For the DROD RPG element, see Orb (RPG).

Orb 3x3
An orb ready to be activated
Element ID 24
Layer Items
First appears Webfoot DROD
Is brain visible Yes

Orb (cracked)
CrackedOrb 3x3
Element ID ???
Layer Items
First appears DROD 3.0
Is brain visible Yes

Orb (broken)
BrokenOrb 3x3
Element ID ???
Layer Items
First appears DROD 3.0
Is brain visible Yes

Orbs are stationary devices used to open and close yellow gates and to activate or deactivate lights, force arrows and fire traps.

Orbs can be clicked to see the doors it affects. Doors it opens will be highlighted green. Doors it closes will be highlighted red. Doors it toggles will be highlighted orange.

There are three types of orbs: regular, cracked and broken.

Behavior Edit

See the interactions page for a list of all interactions for this element.

Orbs Edit

When struck with a weapon or explosion, bolts of energy will shoot from it and open, close, or toggle one or more doors. Imperial citizens can naturally activate orbs by bumping one with their body, and any creature can gain this ability upon touching a power token.

Cracked orbs Edit

Cracked orbs are a subset of orbs that can be activated once before turning into broken orbs.

When struck by an aumtlich beam, a cracked orb will turn into a broken orb without activating. Only one cracked orb per turn will be converted into a broken orb in this manner.

Broken orbs Edit

Broken orbs function similarly to broken walls and cannot affect doors, lights, or force arrows, but are destroyed instantly by aumtlich beams.

An aumtlich beam will destroy as many broken orbs as it encounters in a single turn.

Trivia Edit

In lore Edit

Beethro Budkin obtained a portable orb from the architect Mobley Inufgot to bypass the yellow door on the tenth floor of King Dugan's Dungeon. This type of portable orb would only work on that door, but could be used repeatedly.
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