For the boss monster found in King Dugan's Dungeon, see Neather.
Neather S (RPG)
We're trying to save the surfacers!
HP 100
ATK 65
DEF 15
GR 25
REP 25
Behaviours Faces player

Neathers are independent entities working in the Beneath for their own gain. In recent times, the Empire has been recruiting Neathers to aid the Patrons for the Grand Event. Neathers are armed well enough to corral Aboveground people into underground tunnels with little hassle, but lack the martial superiority necessary to handle more professional soldiers.

Description Edit

Neathers are humans who, for whatever reason, have chosen to live underground, often in solitary conditions. Oftentimes, they form alliances with the monsters who live nearby, and soon learn the ability to direct them and use them to aid the Neather to gather food and locate shelter. Neathers can also call upon these monsters to defend him when danger arises.

The Empire has found this ability particularly useful, as many common monsters lie beyond their direct control. Being able to utilize these natural creatures has bolstered the Empire's already-sizable military and ensured its dominance over every Aboveground military.

Game elements (RPG)
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