Image of Neather
Monster ID 4 or N/A (see trivia)
Layer Monsters
Movement Hardcoded
First appears Webfoot DROD
Is required No
Is brain visible No
For the DROD RPG monster, see Neather (RPG).

Long ago, a young prince of Dugandy fled into the catacombs of his father's dungeon. He became the master of all underground creatures and the most feared dungeon presence unfettered by the Rooted Empire: the legendary Neather.

The Neather appears in the twenty-fifth level of King Dugan's Dungeon. He functions as the "final boss" of the game.

Behavior Edit

The Neather is hardcoded in the original DROD and scripted in King Dugan's Dungeon 2.0. In both versions, his behavior changes in each room he is in: he will move around and hit orbs with his hammer in order to avoid attacks and send as much trouble heading Beethro's way as possible.

Due to overlooked game glitches, the Neather can be killed by in several rooms he appears in. However, he will always reappear upon entering the next room. Only when he drops his guard in the final showdown can Beethro slay him in a "valid" manner.

Trivia Edit

  • The Neather would appear as a usable game element in Architects' Edition after the player had completed the hold. Future versions of King Dugan's Dungeon do not "reward" the player in this manner, but the Neather is still considered a valid, working entity in all editions of the game.
  • Oddly, in certain versions of DROD, the ID for the Neather (4) is blanked. It's unknown why this is the case, though it could be because of a redesigned method of coding how the Neather works calling for the removal of the specific ID.
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