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Monsters are any number of vicious creatures that live above or underground. Many are natural, others have been genetically engineered by the Rooted Empire, and all are invariably lethal.

Smitemasters are tasked with clearing each room of every monster (with a few notable exceptions). Killing every monster will toggle the room's green gates.

Default behavior Edit

In order to avoid polluting the monster pages with duplicate information there is a number of default movement behaviors explained here.

Movement Edit

Vulnerabilities Edit

Others Edit

  • A monster must be killed for the green gates to open and for the room to be considered cleared.

List of monsters Edit

Picture Monster Description IDs Version
Roach Chases after the player 0 Webfoot DROD
Roach Queen Runs away from the player

Lays roach eggs when clock hits 30, if it sees a target after it has moved

1 Webfoot DROD
Evil Eye Only moves once it has seen the player 6 Webfoot DROD
Wraithwing Flies over pits and water

Only attacks in groups

5 Webfoot DROD
Spider Invisible while stands still and far from the player 12 Webfoot DROD
Goblin Tries to stay away from the player's weapon 3 Webfoot DROD
Brain 4x4
Brain Allows other monsters to pathfind to player 10 Webfoot DROD
Rock Golem Turns into impassable rock pile when killed 15 DROD 2.0
Wubba 4x4
Wubba Can't be killed by weapons

Doesn't need to be killed to clear the room

Mostly harmless

21 DROD 2.0
Tar Baby Forms from unstable blobs of tar 9 Webfoot DROD
Mud Baby Forms from unstable blobs of mud 31 DROD 2.0
Gel Baby Forms from unstable blobs of gel 33 DROD 3.0
Rattlesnake Shrinks if its tail is stabbed 14 DROD 2.0
Serpent Shrinks if it can't move 7 Webfoot DROD
Adder Shrinks if its head is stabbed

Can eat small monsters and invulnerable parts of tarstuff to become longer

13 DROD 3.0
TarMother 4x4
Tar Mother Expands all the tar in the room when clock hits 30, if it sees a target 8 Webfoot DROD
MudMother 4x4
Mud Mother Expands all the mud in the room when clock hits 30, if it sees a target 30 DROD 2.0
GelMother 4x4
Gel Mother Expands blobs of gel connected to the eyes when clock hits 30, if it sees a target 32 DROD 3.0
Seep Only moves in walls, jumps out to kill target

Dies if outside of wall

22 DROD 2.0
Waterskipper Only moves in water and shallow water, jumps out to kill target

Survives if outside of water

16 DROD 3.0
Aumtlich Can paralyze the player, stalwarts and soldiers with its beam

Turns slowly to face target

18 DROD 3.0
Fegundo Flies in the direction the player is facing once a power token has been activated

26 (alive)

27 (ashes)

DROD 3.0
Rock Giant Splits into four rock golems when stabbed 35 DROD 3.0
Gentryii Can't be killed by weapons

Doesn't need to be killed to clear the room

Restricted by its chain

Very harmful

41 DROD 5.0
Construct Turns into impassable debris when killed

Revives itself when clock hits 30 if the room is not clear

40 DROD 5.0
Puff 4x4
Puff Flies over pits and water

Moves only on multiples of 5

Moves into monsters

Freezes monsters and tiles when it dies

43 DROD 5.0
Mimic 4x4
Mimic Copies the player's moves

Monsters ignore it

11 Webfoot DROD
Stalwart 4x4
Stalwart Friendly ally

Seeks nearby monsters and tries to kill them

Afraid to get his feet wet

23 DROD 3.0
Decoy 4x4
Decoy Stationary

Attracts other monsters

20 DROD 2.0
Slayer 4x4
Slayer Seeks player through force arrows and doors, and tries to kill them

Expert swordsman, very defensive

Always trusts the wisp

25, 37 DROD 2.0
Guard 4x4
Guard Seeks target and tries to kill them

Always brained

28 DROD 2.0
Citizens 4x4
Citizen Assigns self a color based on nearest relay station

Visits all relay stations of that color

If build markers are present, visits them and builds the content

34 DROD 3.0
Engineers 4x4
Engineer Goes directly to build markers to build the content

Ignores relay stations

39 DROD 5.0
Soldier 4x4
Soldier Friendly ally

Seeks nearby monsters and tries to kill them

Not afraid to get his feet wet

38 DROD 4.0
WaterskipperNest 4x4
Water skipper nest Spawns one waterskipper every 10 turns 17 DROD 3.0
Clone 4x4
Clone A statue of Beethro

Monsters ignore it, if it didn't move

Any one Beethro/Clone can move in a turn

If hurt/destroyed, kills Beethro

19 DROD 3.0


  • The ID of 4 is skipped over.
    • It is possible that this could have belonged to the Neather at one point.
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