Mimic 4x4
Don't turn your back on them
Monster ID 11
Layer Monsters
First appears Webfoot DROD
Is required No
Is brain visible No
Traverses shallow water Yes

Mimics are artificial creatures that fall in the doubles category. They are produced when the player drinks a mimic potion, or can be found already placed. As their name suggests, mimics mimic the player's movements.

Description Edit

Mimics resemble a typical smitemaster in every way aside from being clad entirely in blue. Their swords are just as dangerous as any smitemaster's weapon, and their bodies are just as vulnerable. When killed, mimics explode into blue powder and leave nothing behind.

Mimics were most likely created by the Rooted Empire long ago. Mimic potions can only be drunk by citizens with the proper authorization, but a preplaced mimic can be controlled by any citizen, even without stepping on a Power Token.

Mimics will copy their target's movements to the best of their ability. Since, they have no sense of self-preservation or individuality, they will follow their commander's orders to the death.

Behavior Edit

Movement Edit

  • When the player makes a move, the mimic will attempt to copy that move.
  • Mimics treat pits and water as obstacles, as though they were solid walls.
  • Mimics follow vertical preference. If a mimic tried to move diagonally but couldn't, then it will try to move vertically, then horizontally, then it will stay in place. If a mimic tried to move orthogonally but couldn't, it will stay in place.

Vulnerabilities Edit

  • Mimics can be killed by anything that could kill a smitemaster.

Other Edit

  • As with other doubles, mimics do not need to be killed to complete the room.
  • Mimics hold whichever weapon the player is using at the time when the potion is drunk. Preplaced mimics always hold a Really Big Sword.
  • Mimics' weapons are brain-invisible objects. Goblins will not avoid them like they avoid the player's weapon.
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