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This page contains a list of interactions between shallow water and other elements.

Interactions Edit

Picture Element Interaction
Roach S Roach Cannot enter shallow water.
RoachQueen S Roach queen Cannot enter shallow water. Cannot spawn eggs in shallow water.
EvilEye S Evil eye Cannot enter.
Wraithwing S Wraithwing Not affected by shallow water.
Spider S Spider Wades in water.
Goblin S Goblin Cannot enter.
Brain Brain Wades in water. (Brains can't move themselves, but won't drown if pushed into shallow water)
RockGolem S Rock golem Wades in water. Will form a stepping stone if killed over shallow water.
Wubba Wubba Cannot enter.
TarBaby S Tar baby Cannot enter.
MudBaby S Mud baby Cannot enter.
GelBaby S Gel baby Wades in water.
Serpent S Serpent Wades in water.
Rattlesnake S Rattlesnake Wades in water.
Adder S Adder Wades in water.
Guard S Guard Wades in water.
Slayer S 39th Slayer Wades in water.
Slayer S Slayer Wades in water.
Halph S Young Halph Cannot enter.
Halph S Halph Wades in water.
WaterSkipper S Water skipper Can move over shallow water.
WaterSkipperNest Water skipper nest Can be pushed over shallow water.
Aumtlich S Aumtlich Cannot enter.
Fegundo S Fegundo Not affected.
Puff Puff Movement not affected by shallow water. If a puff dies over shallow water it forms thin ice.
Clone S Clone Can be safely pushed into shallow water regardless of whether player can enter shallow water or not.
Mimic S Mimic Hides in water.
Decoy S Decoy Hides in water. (Decoys can't move by themselves but will sheathe their sword if pushed into shallow water)
Stalwart S Stalwart Cannot enter.
Soldier S Soldier Wades in water.
RockGiant S Rock giant Wades in water.
Citizen S Citizen Wades in water.
Engineer S Engineer Wades in water.
Gentryii S Gentryii Cannot enter. Also can't be pushed into shallow water. It is possible in the editor to place gentryii over shallow water in which case they won't sink.
Construct S Construct Wades in water. Will form a stepping stone if killed over shallow water.