Hot tile
HotTiles 4x4
Don't stand around for too long
Element ID 75
Layer Room pieces
First appears DROD 3.0
Is brain visible No
For the DROD RPG element, see Hot tile (RPG).

Hot tiles are dangerous to stand on. Almost every creature will die if it stands on a hot tile for more than one turn. The only exceptions to this are tarstuff babies, serpents, and flying creatures, which are all completely unharmed by the heat. Hot tiles were introduced in The City Beneath.

Behavior Edit

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BeethroOnHotTiles Screen (TSS)

Beethro fighting a group of goblins on some hot tiles

Any creature except tarstuff babies and mothers, wraithwings, gentryii, and fegundos that stands on the same hot tile for more than one consecutive turn dies. Adders and rattlesnakes lose one body segment per turn if their heads or tails, respectively, remain on the same hot tile for more than one turn.

Briar will treat a hot tile like a wall unless there is already a piece of briar there. Puffs die immediately on touching a hot tile.
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