The City Beneath is the official hold included in the game release with the same name. It features 47 levels (not including the inaccessible Sell level) and 530 rooms.

It was originally released in 2007 and since then has been updated for the 5.0 engine on August 16, 2015[1].

Level list Edit

# Level name Architects[2]
1 Infohut
2 The High Path
3 The City Mike Rimer
4 The Naming Office Mike Rimer
5 Twenty-Fifth Level
6 Theater Hall
7 The Fork
8 Quest for Knowledge Mike Rimer, Neil Frederick
9 The Uncturage Mike Rimer, Eytan Zweig
10 Deep Uncturage Mike Rimer
11 The Grand Library
12 Under the Library Neil Frederick, Clayton Weiss, Adam Peterson, Mike Rimer
13 Interlude: Negotiations Neil Frederick, Adam Peterson, Mike Rimer
14 Homeward Ascent Mike Rimer, Clayton Weiss, Neil Frederick
15 Midway Outpost Mike Rimer, Clayton Weiss, Neil Frederick
16 Echo Chasms Adam Peterson, Neil Frederick
17 The Villa
18 Dugandy
19 Castle Dugan Eytan Zweig
20 King Dugan's New Dungeon Mike Rimer, Neil Frederick
21 River Dugan Eytan Zweig, Adam Peterson, Clayton Weiss, Neil Frederick
22 Holding Vats Neil Frederick, Adam Peterson, Mike Rimer
23 Tuenan Slaughter
24 The Patronage
25 DAA Headquarters
26 The Archivist Lobby
27 Archival Catacombs Clayton Weiss, Mike Rimer, Neil Frederick
28 Slaymasters' Hall
29 Torture Chambers Clayton Weiss, Neil Frederick
30 The Rooted Hub
31 Oremite Breeding Grounds Adam Peterson
32 Estengard
33 Rasarus Archipelago Adam Peterson, Neil Frederick
34 Pirate Hideout Mike Rimer, Neil Frederick
35 The Asking Chamber
36 The Stalwart Army
37 The Stalwart Battle
38 Interlude: A Goblin's-Eye View Adam Peterson, Clayton Weiss, Mike Rimer
39 Forgotten Ruins Mike Rimer, Adam Peterson, Neil Frederick, Clayton Weiss
40 Frozen Depths Mike Rimer, Adam Peterson, Neil Frederick
41 Rocky Hollow Eytan Zweig, Adam Peterson, Mike Rimer, Clayton Weiss
42 Adyssian Fortress Neil Frederick
43 Upper Lowest Clayton Weiss, Eytan Zweig, Neil Frederick, Mike Rimer
44 Lowest Proper Neil Frederick, Eytan Zweig, Mike Rimer, Clayton Weiss
45 Lowest Point
46 Tutorial Rooms
47 The Undercity All alternate rooms: same as original author, 3N: Matt Schikore

Updates Edit

DROD 5.0 Edit

The 5.0 update added 50 challenges as well as various graphical improvements. Additional changes were made to room styles so that all twelve available in DROD 5.0 are used, plus the usermade style Mosaic Frost[1].

Story Edit

Background and beginning Edit

The story follows Beethro Budkin, a smitemaster who has traveled along the High Path for over a year. He's encountered other people in the Beneath: citizens of an enigmatic and sinister "Rooted Empire" who have been carving tunnels under cities. Beethro just wants to know why, but it's hard to get a useful answer. He was always fond of saying "there is no problem that can't be solved with a really big sword," but upon arriving at the underground capital, Beethro is startled to find that nobody seems interested in attacking him. No, for some reason, they would rather persuade him to stand in a very long line.

Beethro's story begins when he reaches the end of the High Path. His primary goal is to talk to the leader of the Rooted Empire to understand the Empire's actions. He first encounters the Infohut Guy, who tells him that Beethro can reach Lowest Point, the capital of the Empire, by entering the City and passing through the three gates into the center. Beethro is reluctant, but his alternative is to descend down a three-mile-deep pit, and so he acquiesces.

Beethro first comes across the Gate of Sheathing, where he must sheath his sword before entering the city due to oremites. He puts his sword away and enters.

After the First Gate Edit

The smitemaster then comes across the second gate: the Gate of Namedness. Unlike with the first gate, Beethro isn't immediately admitted. He is directed to the Naming Office, where he can get an Imperial name. Unfortunately, Beethro is not a citizen of the Empire and so is forbidden from getting a name. He leaves to explore the city for answers elsewhere.

Beethro finds his way to the Grand Library, the center of all knowledge known by the Empire. He is initially pleased to find such a resource, but Beethro does not know what to ask. The front desk technician, First Librarian, guides Beethro through the index to stipulate his queries, but the citizen ultimately proves unhelpful and Beethro searches the Uncturage for more information. He encounters the Pit Thing once again who gives Beethro vague words of wisdom. He also tells the smitemaster to go back to the Library and ask about butterflies. He feels silly, but agrees to do so.

First Librarian is happy to guide Beethro to the butterfly section, but is horrified to see that that section has been overrun with briar. Beethro ventures under the Library to deal with the plant infestation and prevent it from destroying more. He returns to the Library after a successful journey.

Meanwhile, 84th Negotiator is late for a meeting with other negotiators. Using the new S.A.B.E.R. system, she is able to clear out a roach infestation from the Imperial tunnels and reach her meeting. She argues for a revision of the law which states that non-vatborn citizens are forbidden from obtaining Imperial names.

Now that the hydraulic lines underneath the city are no longer clogged with briar, Beethro can take an express route to Dugandy and warn everybody about the mysterious underground organization. He reaches Dugandy in quick order from the basement of Bombus Gadhan's house and realizes that the Dungeon Architect's Association in cahoots with the Smitemaster's Guild to prevent smitemasters from venturing too far beneath the surface. Beethro attempts to inform King Dugan and other smitemasters of this, but nobody will listen. He is then thrown out of the city and decides to venture back underground.

When Beethro emerges in Rooted Hold once again, he is informed by 84th Negotiator that he is now able to get a job from the Naming Office. With new resolve, he approaches the clerk a second time demanding to become a Slayer. After a quick examination, he succeeds and becomes 256th Slayer effective immediately. Beethro is then able to enter the Gate of Namedness and proceed further into the center.

After the Second Gate Edit

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