The EntranceEdit

Speaker Spoken lines
Beethro Halph, you stay here. I'm scouting ahead to make sure it's safe for you.
Halph Okay, Unka Beethro

After hitting the orb:

Speaker Spoken lines
Beethro Halph! What did I just say?
Halph Uh...
Beethro Just stay here, okay?
Halph Sure, no problem.

After leaving room and coming back:

Speaker Spoken lines
Beethro Jeebus! Where'd Halph go?

Twice SouthEdit

Speaker Spoken lines
Beethro I need to get back to the tenth level exit room.
Beethro That's to the west, I think.

Thrice South, Twice WestEdit

After finding the secret wall:

Speaker Spoken lines
Beethro Heh. Some sneaky sneak thought I'd miss this one.
Beethro But Beethro spots 'em all!

Thrice South, Thrice WestEdit

After entering the seal chamber:

Speaker Spoken lines
Beethro Hey, I wondered where this got to.
Beethro I was worried that the Dungeon Architect's Association seal
Beethro wasn't anywhere in King Dugan's.
Beethro Not like the Architects to not mark their own work!
Beethro Normally they make it out of walls or trapdoors or something.
Beethro First time I've seen it laid out like this.

Once North, Twice WestEdit

Speaker Spoken lines
Beethro Halph! Why are you over here?

After Halph leaves the room:

Speaker Spoken lines
Beethro Guess he didn't hear me.
Beethro Hey, how'd he get in front of me?
Beethro Soon as I catch up with that boy, we're heading back.
Beethro Can't let him run around a dungeon like this! It's crazy!

Once North, Thrice WestEdit

Speaker Spoken lines
Beethro Halph!
Halph Heya, Unk.
Beethro Stay right there!

After killing the roaches:

Speaker Spoken lines
Halph I can zig! Also...
Halph I can zag!
Beethro Knock it off! We gotta go home!
Halph But I can't zig while I'm zagging.
Halph At least not yet.
Halph Come and get me! Ha ha!
Beethro Little punk! I'll come and get you, all right.

Once North, Quarce WestEdit

Speaker Spoken lines
Beethro Good. I made it back to the old rooms.
Beethro Guess there was a cave-in.
Beethro Kinda looks like somebody knocked the ceiling down on purpose.
Beethro Nah. Who would do that?

Twice North, Thrice WestEdit

Speaker Spoken lines
Halph Woohoo! I go where I want!
Beethro Quit screwing around!
Beethro It's dangerous down here!

After clearing the room without going through the tunnel:

Speaker Spoken lines
Citizen Your swordsmanship measures up to my personal standards.
Beethro So what?! Who are you anyhow?
Citizen Just a guy who likes to hang out here and watch.

If the tunnel was used:

Speaker Spoken lines
Citizen I've seen better.
Citizen You didn't have to go through the tunnel, you know.
Beethro I'm not here to impress you.

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