Journey to Rooted Hold is the official hold included in the game release with the same name. It features 26 levels (including The Dreamplane) and 474 rooms.

It was released in 2005 and has been subsequently updated for the 3.0 and, on January 30, 2015[1], 5.0 engine versions.

It is designed with both new and experienced players in mind, as a result, while it starts off arguably easier than King Dugan's Dungeon, it quickly picks up the pace and gets harder than KDD by the end. It also has a much bigger focus on the story than KDD, and can be considered the first hold in the main storyline of the series (continued by The City Beneath).

Level list Edit

# Level name
1 First Level
2 Second Level
3 Third Level
4 Fourth Level
5 Fifth Level
6 Sixth Level
7 Seventh Level
8 Eighth Level
9 Ninth Level
10 Tenth Level
11 Eleventh Level
12 Twelfth Level
13 Thirteenth Level
14 Fourteenth Level
15 Fifteenth Level
16 Sixteenth Level
17 Seventeenth Level
18 Eighteenth Level
19 Nineteenth Level
20 Twentieth Level
21 Twenty-First Level
22 Twenty-Second Level
23 Twenty-Third Level
24 Twenty-Fourth Level
25 Twenty-Fifth Level
26 The Dreamplane

Updates Edit

DROD 3.0 Edit

The 3.0 update added some new graphical features such as lighting effects, and changed the styles of some levels to new ones that were added in DROD 3.0.

DROD 5.0 Edit

The 5.0 update added 80 challenges as well as various graphical improvements. Additional changes were made to room styles so that all twelve available in DROD 5.0 are used, plus the usermade style Mosaic Frost.[1]

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Story Edit

The story follows Beethro Budkin and Halph Budkin as they re-enter King Dugan's Dungeon.

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