The EntranceEdit

Speaker Spoken lines
Beethro Ah, my favorite nephews!
Beethro So, you knucklebumps want to hear a story?
Halph We do!  We do!
Beethro You don't have any dishes to wash or anything?
Beethro I don't like being interrupted once I get started.
Nephews Nuh uh!
Beethro Alright, then.
Beethro My grandpappy Gunthro Budkin grew up in Rasarus.
Halph Was he a pirate?
Beethro What?  No!
Beethro Anyway, he told me this tale when I was a lad.
Beethro He became known as one of the greatest dungeon exterminators in the land.
Beethro This is a tale of adventure, war, intrigue, mystery and stupidity.
Halph What about roaches?
Beethro What's that?
Halph Roaches are cool!
Beethro ...sure.  And tasty!

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