Not everyone can become a member of DAA but many try. One thing is sure - you will never join them, though you can aspire to their greatness.

Your first hold Edit

So now that you've decided to make your first hold you need to decide on two very important things. The name of the hold and the name of the first level. It might seem superfluous at this stage until you realize you need this information to even start editing your first room.

Here are some handy links to the most basic information about the hold editor:

  • "Hello world" hold - a quick recipe to create your very first hold
  • Level Editor - explanation of all the controls in the Level Editor screen
  • Room Editor - explanation of all the controls and tools in the Room Editor screen

In-depth hold design Edit

If you already know a bit more about hold making then these resources will take your knowledge to another level:

  • Scripting - Everything you could even need to know about scripting, including breakdown of all scripting methods, a number of ready scripts and tutorial videos