For Halph as an in-game element, see Halph.

Halph is the nephew of Beethro Budkin, the main character of most of the games. He appears in Holds/Journey to Rooted Hold as a gameplay element, as well as in Holds/Gunthro and the Epic Blunder during the prologue and epilogue when Beethro is relating the tale of his ancestor Gunthro Budkin some of the children. 

Protagonists Beethro BudkinGunthro BudkinHalph BudkinTendry DimpalmPit Thing
Antagonists 1st Archivist1st Patron39th SlayerArkyCyrilGoblin KingIronkKing DuganNeatherPirate Captain
Others 1st Chemist1st Librarian84th Negotiator149th CriticEbbyGossipsInfohut GuyJobusMobley InufgotTruth Vessel

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