Gray man
Gray man (RPG)
Defenders of the Empire's outer reaches
HP 260
ATK 85
GR 18
REP 18
Behaviours Faces target
For the Classic DROD monster, see Citizen.

Gray men are citizens of the Rooted Empire being trained to become slayers. They appear unassuming, but any adventurer who crosses them will have a fight on his hands. They are used by the Empire to defend important vantage points and prevent trespassers from delving deeper into their territory.

Game elements (RPG)
Room pieces layer FloorWallBroken wallStairsPitDoorsTrapdoorTunnelPlatformOremitesHot tilePressure plateBridge
Floor controls layer Ortho squareForce arrow
Items layer TarstuffObstacleScrollOrbBriarBombFuseTokenWeaponArmorAccessoryPower gemsLevel mapKeyHealth potionLight poleMirror
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