Goblin King
Goblin king (RPG)
We'll shisk you and whisk you and takezit youz greckles.
HP 400
ATK 199
DEF 66
GR 144
REP 144
Behaviours Faces target, Attack in front with back turned
For the character in Journey to Rooted Hold, see Goblin King.

Isolated groups of goblins are led by a Goblin King, usually the strongest or smartest of the lot. Like their subjects, goblin kings tend to go for the back, believing that honor takes a second place to staying alive.

Behavior Edit

If the player is within one tile of a goblin king and facing more than 45 degrees away, the goblin king will make a free attack against the player.

There exists the Goblin Biter, a blade especially designed to slay goblins, noble or otherwise. The Goblin Biter doubles the player's attack power against them.

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