Goblin (RPG)
Youz will get a toothing!
HP 320
ATK 120
DEF 15
GR 30
REP 30
Behaviours Faces target, Attack in front with back turned
For the Classic DROD monster, see Goblin.

Goblins are cowardly yet powerful dungeon denizens, possessing small daggers and no honor. As some of the tougher and better-armed opponents in the world, adventurers must be wary and equally well-armed to deal with them safely.

Description Edit

Goblins are one of the few denizens of the Beneath that are smart enough to match wits with the intruders from above and below. They're cunning, wily, and even speak a vague approximation of the aboveground language. Their society is a rudimentary, tribal culture that exists in pockets of the Beneath, usually at the lower and safer levels of dungeons.

Goblins that have occasional contact with humans have assimilated the more materialistic values of the abovegrounders. Sometimes they dabble in making small wooden ornaments with varying degrees of skill. This, however, grates the soul, and often they'll just give up and mug passers-by instead. Those rare goblins who are fully integrated into human society, having learned not to attack people and get attacked themselves, usually take menial jobs. Thankfully, they enjoy the simplicity and directness of the work as opposed to the politicking and bickering that accompanies the more cerebral endeavors that humans undertake, and for the most part they are treated kindly.

Isolated groups of goblins usually work quite differently. While straightforward and sometimes brutal, these societies can be surprisingly advanced with complex belief systems. These unique cultures are typically eroded by first contact with humans.

Behavior Edit

If the player is within one tile of a goblin and facing more than 45 degrees away, the goblin will make a free attack against the player.

There exists the Goblin Biter, a blade especially designed to slay goblins. The Goblin Biter doubles the player's attack power against them.

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