Rattlesnake (RPG)
Blue reptiles with giant rattles on their tails
HP 1200
ATK 180
DEF 20
GR 100
REP 100
Behaviours Wyrm weakness

Adder (RPG)
Green reptiles with giant maws
HP 1500
ATK 600
DEF 250
GR 800
REP 800
Behaviours Wyrm weakness

Serpent (RPG)
Red reptiles with scaly, plated skin
HP 2500
ATK 550
DEF 350
GR 900
REP 900
Behaviours Wyrm weakness

For the Classic DROD monster, see Giant wyrm.

Giant wyrms are enormous monsters that reside in the Beneath. Their great size gives them unbelievable vitality, and their armored skin gives them incredible defense. There are three varieties: the rattlesnake, the adder, and the serpent.

Description Edit

Belying their great size, giant wyrms are subtle creatures, attuned to the secret vibrations of the soil like only a giant wyrm can be. They're normally much larger than any other creature around, some having been sighted that are hundreds of feet in length. One of the things serpents have given up to grow to such a size, in fact, is any ability to fine-tune their movement.

This sad regression doesn't fool experienced smitemasters, however, who understand that wyrms are not at all easily dealt with. Their muscles are strong enough to resist even the greatest of pressures. Their skin is hard as rock. Smitemasters will occasionally -- if they relish the prospect of carrying a heavy roll of skin up a mile or so of stairs -- roll up serpent skin and sell it Aboveground, where it's used as a kind of leather. It isn't that flexible or easy to work with, but it's incredibly durable and very strong. The only problem is getting some, since it's heavy... and found on wyrms.

Behavior Edit

Giant wyrms are extremely powerful monsters usually found at the end of levels or protecting powerful accessory items. They have too much health for even the strongest of adventurers to slay in one blow, and their attacks are usually too strong to fully defend. However, the Wyrmsmiter makes dispatching them much less difficult.

Wyrms are only vulnerable at their heads and tails. If a wyrm's head is defeated, it dies completely, but if its tail is defeated, it only shrinks one tile and can be fought again.

Wyrms are vulnerable to bombs and hot tiles only at their head.


Unlike most other monsters, serpents have no analogue from Tower of the Sorcerer. They also do not appear anywhere in Tendry's Tale.

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