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A Chain Chomp's best friend
Monster ID 41
Layer Monster
Movement Normal beelining
First appears DROD 5.0
Is required No
Is brain visible Head: no, chain: yes
Gentryii is the common name of the mechanical monster known as harpactognathus gentryii, or "snatching jaws". This is an ancient Empire creation that is again brought to light by an ambitious new leader. Hopefully it's a good idea.

This is essentially a serpent that can move in eight directions. It is invincible and you are not required to destroy it to clear the room. As has been pointed out, the chain this hungry chomper is attached to acts as an obstacle to creatures, like the roaches in this scene. You can pin down the chain by closing doors on it, and you can attack across the chain to smite the roaches with your sword. Your sword can block the gentryii from reaching you, so you can manipulate the gentryii to follow roundabout paths if you're careful. 

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