Fuse 4x4
Short tempered
Element ID 44
Layer Items
First appears DROD 2.0
Is brain visible No
For the DROD RPG element, see Fuse (RPG).

Fuses are the most conventional way to set off a bomb or a powder keg. Fuses, along with bombs, were introduced in Journey to Rooted Hold.

Behavior Edit

When an end of a fuse is stepped on by the player, mimic or decoy or hit by an aumtlich beam it will begin to burn. Each turn, the lit fuse will burn away and light all orthogonally adjacent fuses, continuing the process.

Fuses can be put out by covering them with a mirror.

Interactions Edit

See the interactions page for a list of all interactions for this element.
  • Fuses will light up when hit by explosions.
  • Fuses block tarstuff and fluff growth.
  • Upon any form of a door closing under them, such as a Yellow door, the fuse will cut off on the tiles where the gate was located.
  • Mirrors and powder kegs can be placed on top of fuses even though they are on the same layer.
  • Fuses can be lit by active firetraps.
  • Fuses can be cut by briars or by dropping a trapdoor from under them.
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