Force arrows
ForceArrows 5x5
You shall not pass
Element ID 13-20
Layer Floor controls
First appears Webfoot DROD
Is brain visible Yes

Disabled force arrows
DisabledForceArrows 5x5
Green light
Element ID 94-101
Layer Floor controls
First appears DROD 5.0
Is brain visible No

For the DROD RPG element, see Force arrow (RPG).

Force arrows are a stationary feature of rooms that prevent movement opposite to the direction they point. Only weapons, aumtlich beams, and briar can bypass force arrows.

Behavior Edit

Force arrows prevent any creature or object from moving opposite or nearly-opposite to the direction they point. This is true whether the object or creature in question is attempting to move onto the force arrow, or already on the force arrow and trying to move off. For example, suppose a roach is standing on a force arrow facing south. The roach cannot move if it tries to walk north, northeast, or northwest, as those directions are opposite or nearly-opposite south. It can, however, move away if it tries to walk in any other direction. Serpents cannot move over force arrows, regardless of the position that they are facing. However, all other snake types can.


See the interactions page for a list of all interactions for this element.
  • With the release of The Second Sky, orbs and pressure plates could affect the state of force arrows. If a force arrow is deactivated, it has no effect on movement, and its appearance becomes a dashed outline of a regular force arrow.
  • If a force arrow is placed on top of a yellow door, a fire trap or a light pole it can't be affected by an orb or a pressure plate, the element underneath the arrow will be affected instead.
  • Arrow rotator tokens will rotate all force arrows in the room, whether active or inactive.
  • Active force arrows are considered obstacles to brained monsters, no matter what direction they point.
  • Roach queens cannot lay eggs on top of active force arrows.
  • Tarstuff and fluff won't grow on top of active force arrows.

Interaction with briar Edit


This briar patch is blocked by force arrows...


...While this patch can continue growing eastward.

Briar is blocked by force arrows unless an offshoot of briar already exists beyond the force arrow, in which case the briar root can mature briar through the force arrow and grow the patch on the far side.
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