FiretrapInactive 4x4
Tread carefully
Element ID 107
Layer Room pieces
First appears DROD 5.0
Is brain visible No

Firetrap (active)
FiretrapActive 4x4
Burn, baby, burn!
Element ID 108
Layer Room pieces
First appears DROD 5.0
Is brain visible Yes

Firetraps are traps found in dungeons that are harmless until they're activated, at which point they will incinerate almost anything that stands on them.

Behavior Edit

Firetraps can be toggled between their active and inactive state by orbs and pressure plates.

When active, a firetrap will incinerate anything that stands on it at the end of the turn. Due to this it is possible to survive an active fire trap by, for example, drinking a speed potion and standing on it during the half-turn, or by being pushed through the trap. Additionally, mimics, clones, and decoys placed on firetraps by drinking a potion survive until the end of the turn.

Interactions Edit

See the interactions page for a list of all interactions for this element.
  • Active firetrap can set off bombs and powder kegs.
  • Briar will grow over an active firetrap, but it will be immediately destroyed at the end of the turn unless the firetrap is turned off.
  • Active firetraps can toggle orbs and seeding beacons, but they won't shatter mirrors.
  • Firetraps can kill snakes, but only if the snake's head is above the firetrap.
  • It is possible to read a scroll placed on an active firetrap while the death animation plays.
  • Fuses placed over firetraps will light up once the firetrap is activated.
  • Gentryii are the only creature immune to firetraps.
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