Fegundo (RPG)
Born with the fury of Sun Island
HP 200
ATK 390
DEF 90
GR 50
REP 50
Behaviours Faces target
For the Classic DROD monster, see Fegundo.

Fegundos are one of the many creatures that inhabit the Eighth. Their phoenix-like life cycle makes them surprisingly tough foes for many adventurers. Despite their birthing process, and their behavior in classic DROD, they aren't immune to explosions.

Description Edit

The life of a fegundo usually starts in the cold of winter, where the bird is born in small bursts of flame that are created from the ashes of their parents' remains that lie in the southernmost part of the Eighth. This means that a fegundo will never know their parents, and are forced to survive and thrive on their own from the start.

While both young and old fegundo tend to eat small insects such as the gondola wasps, older birds are known to eat the occasional fish as well. These fish are usually stolen from more water-resistant animals, since large amounts of water can be dangerous for a fegundo. They can survive light rain, but it is still rather inconvenient for them. When a young fegundo has had their first meal, they immediately migrate toward the mountains of Ephelna in order to escape the floods. As floods continue to follow them, they continue to migrate northward, finding new mountains that will provide safety from the waters. This process continues slowly for years. 

Around the middle of winter, the adult birds will fly up to Sun Island in order to find a mate. When the end of winter comes, the male and female birds will take one final flight together, going directly to the sun. When they reach inside the sun, the male and female fegundo curl together into a ball, and are then burnt to ashes. These ashes are sucked through the north edge and explode out the south edge of the Eighth, allowing their offspring to be created from their remains. It is believed that the fegundo is the only animal that can "survive" exploding like this.

The ever-inventive Rooted Empire has found a way to utilize fegundo for their own devices.

External Links Edit

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