Explosions are powerful blasts of energy that destroy nearly every monster, destroy every broken wall, and activate every orb in its range. Explosions are caused by bombs, powder kegs, and fegundoes. Explosions were introduced in Journey to Rooted Hold.

Behavior Edit

In classic DROD, explosions kill every monster except fegundoes (which turn to ash immediately) and snakes (unless the explosion hits their heads, in which case the snake is killed completely), destroy all broken and secret walls, activate all cracked orbs and turn them into broken orbs, destroy all broken orbs, and destroy all briar and briar roots. Explosions also set off other bombs and powder kegs, leading to chain reactions.

In DROD RPG, explosions from both bombs and the hand bomb kill any creature they touch. By default, explosions deal one hundred percent damage, but scripting can change the damage to a different value.

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